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Our Poultry

We love our birds and we keep chickens, guinea fowl and turkeys here on the farm. All our birds live in small flocks of around 150 birds and are free to range under the plum, pear and willow trees. We do not use antibiotics or any growth promoters, instead allowing the birds to grow slowly at their own pace. The land  they range and forage is herbicide and pesticide free. All our chickens and guinea fowl are super slow grown to over 100 days resulting in a great tasting bird that has had a happy outdoor life. 

Oven ready chickens are available all year round and turkeys are available at Christmas or the end of November for restauranteurs/pub owners. Guinea fowl will be available all year round from June 2018.

Our poultry are used by the popular and award-winning Lord Poulett Arms, New Farm Restaurant and Railway Carriage Cafe.

Hinton Harvest Free range chickens, turkeys, salads and edible flowers
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