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Salad Leaves & Edible Flowers

We have been growing salad leaves and edible flowers for eight years now and I love experimenting with new leaves and flowers each year.

All our leaves are grown without herbicides or pesticides on a minimum tillage bed system that is good for the soil. The leaves are carefully chosen to create a great tasting salad that looks fantastic and has an amazing range of colour, texture and flavour.


Each salad box and bag contains between 10 and 20 different leaves. The mix is constantly changing throughout the year and contains frilly lettuce, oak leaf lettuce, spotty lettuce, mizuna varieties, spinach, cress, chicory, pak choi, sorrel and different rockets to name just a few!

You can also order salad direct from of us - this can be collected by the bag or kilo or half kilo. One of these crates in the picture above is a half kilo.

There are many reasons to love this beautiful salad but one of the best is that it keeps for up to 7 days in your fridge.The salad is picked early in the morning on the day of collection or delivered direct so it is fresh and keeps for much longer than supermarket salad.


Salad can be supplied for BBQs, weddings, picnics, pubs, restaurants or just day to day eating. We supply Lord Poulett pub, White Horse Haselbury, New Farm Restaurant, Delicious Deli and Cafe and more...!

Hinton Harvest Free range chickens, turkeys, salads and edible flowers
Edible Flowers

The main season for edible flowers is May - October. Edible flowers appear in our salad mix in small quantities and they can also  be ordered in quantity direct from us.

If you are a pub and restaurant already buying salad leaves from us then edible flowers can be added to your order for a small extra cost.

How to Buy


Bagged salads are available from

Our Shop Hinton St George 


North Perrott Farm Shop

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